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Who We Are

          We inherit a beautiful journey of passion, which goes back to more than 15 years. Our legacy is based on years of commitment, quality, and customer trust, a strong heritage of values, morality, ethics, and conduct. We take pride in calling ourselves a one-stop solution offering cutting, stitching, washing, finishing, quality control, clearance, and denim apparel delivery. Our ulterior motive is to offer cost efficiency, high quality, and timely deliveries.

          We at Fashion Fair Apparels are passionate about what we do, and it shows in every aspect of our work. We have grown from a unit with merely a few stitching machines to producing 60,000 garments each month, reflecting upon our commitment to the industry.

We engage highly skilled technicians at every stage of the production process to ensure and maintain the highest level of quality assurance.

We strongly believe in placing responsible manufacturing ahead of irresponsible profits by taking tangible actions towards our goals while maintaining 100% transparency. In a world of endless possibilities, we are constantly looking for eco-friendly solutions to many traditional processes within our facility to maintain a sustainable environment.

          We are on the journey of fulfilling denim dreams, standing for growth, and leading innovation… all for creating and becoming the change we wish to see in our world and our industry.


To deliver premium products in the most ethical way possible by letting Innovation, Quality, and Transparency be our driving force towards success. We are determined to invest in sustainability, explore new ways to reuse production waste, and bridge differences through international collaborations. Fashion Fair aims to become a company that can create positive value and provides benefits while managing the impact of denim on life.

More about us

Our Team


Umang Shah

An entrepreneur with extensive experience, social activist and denim lover he is the Founder and Chief executive officer of Fashion Fair Pvt. Ltd.


Vijay Thakur

A professional with over two decades of experience in denim manufacturing in companies like Avdat, Ashima and Arvind, Vijay is the founder and Chief operating officer at Fashion Fair.


Ketan Patel

An INIFD graduate with a formal degree in chemistry, he is an acknowledged domain expert with a professional career spanning over 20 years in denim washing division at Arvind.

Our Certifications


Supplier Ethical Data Exchange


Director, Industrial Safety and Health

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