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Last year we saved



To control the growing water scarcity, Fashion Fair has initiated to eliminate hazardous chemicals and reduce its water consumption drastically. Our company has invested in wastewater treatment plants to improve the quality of water used in each manufacturing process. By changing some traditional practices in denim manufacturing to decrease our water consumption, not only do we do less harm to our planet, but we are also able to bring down our costs. Just one example of how being responsible is profitable for all.


With our latest technologies like Laser and Ozone which sometimes nullifies the use of harmful chemicals. We believe in consistently putting the circular economy principles into practice.


We have committed to saving energy by establishing an aerial drying system that nullifies the energy used compared to traditional driers which reduces the use of wood. We focus on minimizing the carbon emissions of our own operations by responsible use of energy resources.

Fair Purpose



We believe gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful and prosperous and sustainable world. We have provided a safe and healthy working environment where our workers earn above the minimum wage.



Fashion Fair is not only committed to the environment, but also to society. We are collaborating on several social projects in which we believe we can make a real change. We work with the government of Gujarat through which women are given foundational life skills, technical training, and support that will help them advance in the workplace and in their personal lives.


While fulfilling our responsibilities to the environment, we have limited our use of plastic in our factories. Working in a unit surrounded by trees and plants, we encourage our workers and conduct plantation drives from time to time.

State-of-the-art technology


Laser technology has been able to replicate most of the wash effects with zero chemical usage and minimal use of water along with saving time and energy. While the traditional methods used potassium permanganate in a large quantity. This method saves a considerable amount of water per garment making it environmentally friendly.



Ozone technology replaces the use of water and chemical like bleach. Ozone air typically acts as a mild bleaching agent. The machine takes air from the atmosphere, filters and separates it into its essential components. The ozone nullifies the use of bleach and water which makes it a sustainable washing process.

Conveyor Drying

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